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The first game I've ever made so please go easy but constructive criticism is welcome.

Free download/Pay your way.

Sorry but I think it's only for Windows..

Also if you find any bugs please tell me. So I can learn how to fix them.

Have fun!

*Currently working on a updated version. Which has more content,better/more difficult combat,item "balance" and level design.*

GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tagscats, RPG Maker


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Well that was a fun little game! heavy in RTP, but the humor was quite enjoyable. I really liked all the kitty themed items and the cat puns as well as the boss' scrolling dialogue. poor monsters, all bullying each other.

You might want to be careful of how much dialog you put in one line though. See the line that shows up as you type in the show text box in mv? It's to indicate that that's how much of the message will show before it gets cut off. There was some of the dialog that was lost because of it. Just press enter to make a new line before your words cross it. Also, it might be a good idea to raise the number of steps before a random attack occurs in the settings of your maps. They were just a tad too frequent.

But all in all, I thought it was good :D

Thanks for playing the game.

But yeah I'll increase it from the default 30-ish steps before encounter soon.

Also,can you please give some examples on where the dialogue was cut so I can fix it?

If so thank you.

Sure, no problem!

So I went back into the game and checked around since I had forgotten exactly where the dialogue got cut off, but I found them in the area right at the mountains surrounding the demon lord's castle as well as the little girl with the purple hair and yellow bow inside the castle. I don't know if there are any others I might have missed though because I think I ran into more than just those before (I guess I might be wrong?). Also, another few things I forgot to mention is that the demon lord's sprite changes to the green dragon when you go to talk to him. you should probably set his direction to fixed in his event. Also, I tried using the bed at the house, but nothing happens when I try to interact with it. Maybe the event's priority isn't set to same as player?

If you need to ask questions on how to do things, go ahead! I don't mind :) I kind of wish there was a pm system in itch.io though so I wouldn't have to fill people's reviews with bug reports.

All in all, these bugs are really small and easy to fix, which is pretty good. :D happy game fixing!

Thank you. Fixed those and I'm honestly revamping most the game and working on level design(thanks Metal Abaj),effects,fixing sprites and dialogue(...still probably gonna be bad dialogue and mostly for jokes/references.) So update might take a while ^^;

I can't access to the minotaur maze and the castle, is this normal ? Also do you have Discord ? There are a lot of things i'd like to say and also i have a few questions about your game.

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Alright, I think I found the problem and I'll upload the fixed version. My apologies I made them player touch/walk instead of action button ^^;.

*EDIT* Alright uploaded a new version and it should immediately transfer you.

The entrances to the Minotaur cave are on the left+right sides of it. Exit when you enter is right below you.

Gotta enter DemonLord's castle from below it and exit is the door.

It works ! I finished the game. So do you have time/want to talk about it by instant messaging ? If you don't have a Discord maybe there's another way (DM on Twitter ? Skype ? Even tho i'll have to re-download it lol)

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You can message me on Twitter Josh Cope/ @EternalRefrain.

Not really on there often but if its advice on how to make games better or etc then I'll check now and then to chat.